- Partnership with local farmers and family
Inserted in the state of Paraná, Brazil, the largest grower of medicinal plants in the country, Heide prioritizes the acquisition of its raw materials from local farmers and family. The yerba mate cultivated in São Mateus do Sul is of excellent quality and partnership with the supplier has lasted over 14 years.
- Organic Certification
Given the consumer quest for healthy and sustainable products, Heide developed 5 yerba mate products certified organic by TECPAR, Brazil.
- Innovation and Sustainability in the Supply Chain Value
The Heide is attending the 2nd Global ICV cycle (GVces initiative and Apex Brazil), for which was selected through tender and evaluation experts, receiving training in each of the 6 workshops. The project ends in 2017 with two international missions to be carried out, the first destination will be Colombia.
- Improved packaging for resistance and reduced material
For continuous improvement of its products and processes, Heide signed up and was selected in the Project Design Export Apex Brazil for improvement of packaging for export.
- Innovation in sustainable products
In 2016 we completed an innovation project that lasted 2 years, TECNOVA / PR, an edict of FINEP Innovation and Government of the State of Paraná, managed by Araucaria Foundation. A unique opportunity for technological improvement and advancement in production processes. Scheduled for release in early 2017.