Heide is a Pharmaceutic Company with big technical knowledge in the plant-derived extract area.

The name comes from the Heidekraut flower (Calluna vulgaris) widely cultivated in Germany. According to the family history, the Heemann were cultivators of this species in the past.

Mission: Make solid partnership to the development of cosmetics and foods containing innovative natural ingredients, manufactured by Heide with the quality and safety that you wish to formulate, making competitive, differentiated, and lucrative products for your company.

Vision: Be a reference in the development of plant-derived inputs, generating innovations and patents.

Values: Honesty, responsibility, skills, sensibility.

Quality politics: Heide looks to produce the best plant-derived extract for foods and cosmetics, making sure to have the required quality, respecting deadlines, focusing on the client, commitment to environmental sustainability and providers, collaborators, and client relationship, as well as searching for continuous improvement of the management quality system. Rev.00 (05/02/20) conforming to ISO 9001:2015.

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