Phytoglycerin (trademark of Heide) are extracts in vegetable glycerin and preservatives approved by ECOCERT and IBD certifiers for use in natural and organic cosmetics. It is Heide's most extensive line and has become the darling of natural cosmetics companies and indie brands.

There are more than 100 Phytoglycerin in line, with species from Brazilian biodiversity and exotic species.

Phytoglycerin Açaí Phytoglycerin Green Coffee Phytoglycerin Herb Mate Phytoglycerin Ivy Fitoglicerinado Morango
Phytoglycerin Rosemary Phytoglycerin Calendula Phytoglycerin Ginger Phytoglycerin Jaborandi Fitoglicerinado Papaya
Phytoglycerin Alga Phytoglycerin Chamomile Phytoglycerin Ginseng Phytoglycerin Juá Fitoglicerinado Pepino
Phytoglycerined Aloe Vera Phytoglycerin White Tea Phytoglycerin Guanxuma Phytoglycerined Honey Fitoglicerinado Pitanga
Phytoglycerined Burdock Phytoglycerin Green Tea Phytoglycerined Guarana Phytoglycerined Melissa Fitoglicerinado Sálvia

Cosmetic companies for pets, such as dogs and cats, love to use Phytoglycerin in their lines mainly because they are very mild and with ingredients from a renewable source.

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