Phytoblends (trademark of Heide) are glycerin extracts composed of 3 or more plant species. Its preservative is approved by ECOCERT and IBD certifiers in natural and organic cosmetics. The main advantages of Phytoblends are the composition in the form of a blend, which facilitates application, increases the content of plant actives and reduces the number of extracts in the factory's stock.

We have 8 Phyoblends in line:

Phytoblend Antilipemic  
Phytoblend Fresh
Phytoblend Hydra
Phytoblend Purifying
Phytoblend Saponins
Phytoblend Toning
Phytoblend Bleaching
Phytoblend Illuminator

Recommended concentration: 2 to 5%

Water-soluble product, miscible in aqueous or emulsified formulations

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