Natural Aromas

Hydroalcoholic extracts can be applied in natural drinks as a natural aroma, as long as the MAPA legislation is fully complied with, especially in relation to the plant species and the maximum alcohol content.

Some hydroalcoholic extracts in line:

Pineapple Extract Lemongrass Extract Green Yerba Extract Guarana Extract
Açaí Extract Catuaba Extract Raspberry Extract Juá Extract
Rosemary Extract Chia Extract Red Fruits Extract Lemon Extract
Chamomile Extract Clove Extract Ginger Extract Muira Puama Extract
Cinnamon Extract Cupuacu Extract Ginseng Extract Pomegranate Extract

We also have standardized extracts, according to MAPA legislation:

Açaí Extract

Ginger Extract

Guarana Extract


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