Heide Natural Ingredients

Welcome to Heide Plant Extracts, an innovative company dedicated to the production of natural ingredients for functional foods, beverages and cosmetics with respect to supply chain and sustainability.

We believe that each doing well your part and dedicating heart, consumers who search for healthy and functional products, will be the most favored, their welfare and their health will always be first.

What our passion?
Research & development of natural ingredients.
In addition to our product lines, we conduct research and development of food supplies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, veterinary and consulting in the areas of agribusiness - supply chain management of small agro-industry and sectoral development, focusing on industry.


We have a line of over 100 products, we work with regional species such as green yerba mate and the mate tea, and other species of Brazilian biodiversity as acai and guarana. Plants such as chamomile, green coffee and ginger make our eyes shine because it is much beauty gathered.


We offer from the yerba mate leaves (Ilex paraguariensis), one of Brazil's biodiversity plant.

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Powerful berry, red and very distinctive flavor, provides an acai bowl or juice and will never be the same.

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Lovely, delicate and sweet-smelling flower. Chamomile produced in Paraná, Brazil is reference for quality.

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Grows below the ground as an essential oil filled rhizome.

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Coffee bean, when green can be input for cosmetics and as toasted can turn a unique aroma of coffee.

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With all the Indian legend involving guarana, whose fruit is shaped like an eye.

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