Oily Extracts Line

Cosmetic Extracts

Heide's oily extracts are made with sunflower oil that contains natural vitamin E. They can be applied in emulsions, bath oils, massage oils, biphasic oils, and as essential oil carriers.Read More »

Phytoglycerin Line

Cosmetic Extracts

The Phytoglycerin® line is manufactured exclusively by Heide. Made with vegetable glycerin and preservatives approved in natural and organic cosmetics, it has become recognized and desired by customers. Each extract is made with only one plant species to enhance the unique properties of each plant.Read More »

Phytoblend Line

Cosmetic Extracts

Cosmetic Extracts Phytoblend® line was developed to unite the strength of different actives of vegetal origin. Made from vegetable glycerin and preservatives approved in natural and organic cosmetics. With three or more plant species, this line proves the importance of the synergistic effect of plant extracts.Read More »

Soluble Extracts

Food Extracts

Soluble extracts are made from aqueous liquid extracts and their main purpose is to be applied in solid preparations. It is also used to make ready-to-drink teas.Read More »

Aqueous Extracts

Food Extracts

Aqueous extracts are produced using only water as the extracting liquid. In the conventional version, food grade preservatives are used and in the organic version, no preservatives are used. According to MAPA legislation, aqueous extracts can be used freely in ready-to-drink teas, as long as the species is on the list of permitted plant species.Read More »


Food Extracts

We work with species from Brazilian biodiversity, all with the proper records in SISGEN. For organic extracts, with IBD certification, we guarantee the traceability of all raw materials used. For food ingredients, the certification is valid for the national, American, and European markets.Read More »


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Since 2000, we have researched, developed, and manufactured natural ingredients for functional foods, healthy drinks, and natural and organic cosmetics.

We are specialists in plant extracts with species from Brazilian biodiversity and local agriculture.

We supply to many industries and already export to several countries such as Germany, Australia, China, United States and Serbia.

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